For a toddler, there’s nothing more satisfying to their curiosity than a bunch of drawers to open and buttons to press. For this reason, and to the dismay of the majority of parents worldwide, our kitchens have become no more than a glorified arcade to our new walkers and wanderers. It is so important that we, as parent and homeowners, properly child-proof our kitchen and its utilities in order to ensure the safety of our young ones. It is easy to look around your kitchen and immediately spot many signs of danger, so I thought it would be helpful to start you off with 10 tips on how to instantly improve the child-friendliness of your space!

  1. Child-locked drawers
  2. Rubber corners
  3. Attach furniture (cabinets) to walls
  4. Plug covers
  5. Door latches (over fridge)
  6. Small (shortening) appliance cords
  7. Oven knob covers
  8. Stove guard
  9. Toxic/delicate objects should be moved to out of reach coabinets
  10. Leave one cabinet for your baby to open freely and explore within their reach