With over 30 years of experience throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Kiddie Proofers has become an authority within the child safety and baby proofing realms. It is our aim to help our customers find creative solutions to help bring peace of mind to your homes as your toddlers become increasingly curious and mobile. We pride ourselves on our ability to best fit your needs, at a custom level, and thus offer a plethora of safety solutions and utilities to be able to help you solve each worry you enter with. Whether you are coming to us for information and advice, a hands on lesson, or for the hardware itself, we welcome and encourage all new and expecting parents to come check us out and see if there is anything we can do to help make parenthood, if not easier, safer for the whole family.

Kiddie Proofers - About Us - IACS

Our Priorities

We don’t cut corners when it comes to safety. Each product has been tested and selected by our safety experts and undergoes regular review based on new and evolving safety standards.

We take safety seriously. Our baby proofing experts are trained and certified by the International Association of Child Safety and our car seat technicians are nationally certified by the Child Passenger Safety Association of Canada.

We’re not just safety professionals. We’re parents too. And we understand what goes into raising a newborn. Which is why we offer flexible options to make your life easier.

We sell great products and make sure they’re used and installed properly. We take the time to ensure every parent and caregiver feels confident with their safety gear.

Our Skills

Child Safety Knowledge 100%
Baby Proofing 100%
Car Seat Education and Installation 100%
Pool Safety 100%
Pet Safety 100%
houses baby proofed
car seats installed
pool projects completed
parents educated

Custom solutions to fit any home!

Looking for something specific?  We can make it happen.  Chat with a safety expert and find out your options.