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Author: 08lopezpilar1997

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Back To School Car Seat Safety Tips

Always have your seat Inspected or Installed by a certified car seat technician One of the best things about living in the information age is we can ‘Google’ or ‘Youtube’ instructions on how to do almost anything. However, this is not something you want to do when it comes to your car seats and your child’s safety. Car seat installation can be quite complex depending on the brand of seat, how many additional seats you have in your car and the make of your vehicle. At the start of each school year, check to see that your kiddie’s car seat...

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child weather safety tips

Baby Safety Tips in Stormy Weather

As a new parent you will want to take baby safety precautions during stormy weather. Whether you're facing the storm inside or you have to take your baby somewhere in the car during it, you'll want to make sure to take safety measures. Here are a few tips to help you and your baby weather the weather safely.   Protection from Lightening If lightning is nearby, you'll want to avoid going outside with your baby or alone. A simple trick can tell you if lightning is too close to your location to venture outside. After you see the lightning, count the number of seconds...

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Sleep Safety

Putting Baby to Sleep Safely

As you already know newborns are delicate little creatures. In fact, human newborns can do almost nothing for themselves. From eating to burping, these tiny beings need help with almost every aspect of their lives. This includes finding a safe sleeping space and position for themselves. Because things such as suffocation and SIDS are very real and scary threats, it is of the utmost importance for you to learn how to properly put your new child down to sleep. The position, location, and surroundings of a sleeping child can make all the difference in how safe they will be during their...

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holiday baby proofing

Baby Proofing Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is a magical time of year, and when you've got a little one in your house, the season becomes even more meaningful. The joy and excitement are multiplied when you have the privilege of seeing everything through the eyes of a child. This is a time to build happy memories, so instead of worrying about your child's safety, or even worse, having to deal with an issue, spend some time baby proofing your house before the holiday season begins. Family traditions are extremely important, and for most families they involve decorating, and creating a festive atmosphere for holiday...

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Simple Guide To Child Proofing Your Home

Congratulations on your new child – a source of joy and delight for years to come! While builders and architects have begun to incorporate elder-friendly features into homes, few create fully child-safe houses. This is your project, proud parent. But it does not have to be painful or expensive. This guide will show you how. Full article on child proofing your home available at: Source: Blog...

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high chair safety

Child Safety Tips for Using High Chairs

High chair accidents usually occur when the child stands in the seat. Other ways children injure themselves in high chairs are by kicking it over when they push their feet against the table or other nearby furniture and by reaching for sharp or hot items on the table. They may also hurt themselves by pulling on the tablecloth. Common injuries that occur from high chair accidents include concussions, bruises, cuts, and neck injuries. Fortunately, it's easy to prevent high chair accidents when you implement the following guidelines for safely using high chairs: Use the Harness System That Comes with the High Chair Your...

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