Always have your seat Inspected or Installed by a certified car seat technician One of the best things about living in the information age is we can ‘Google’ or ‘Youtube’ instructions on how to do almost anything. However, this is not something you want to do when it comes to your car seats and your child’s safety. Car seat installation can be quite complex depending on the brand of seat, how many additional seats you have in your car and the make of your vehicle. At the start of each school year, check to see that your kiddie’s car seat straps are at the correct levels for their body size.

Ensure your car seat straps are tight The start of the school year signifies the approaching chilly winds of fall. With that comes warmer, thicker jackets and bulky items to keep your kiddies cozy. Always remove thick clothing items before putting your child in their seat. Bulky clothing does not allow the harness straps to properly secure the child in their seat. The clothing can compress in in an impact and compromise the child’s security. Always remove thick outerwear when securing your child in their car seat. Put them in light sweaters or cover the child with blankets after they have been tightly secured in the harness.

5-Point Harness vs Booster Another year has gone by and your kiddie is no longer so little. While we want them to grow and learn, they may feel more grown up than they actually are. At the age of 4 or 5 most kids want to get out of their harness and sit in a booster seat. They may see their friends in boosters and don’t want to be in a “baby seat” anymore.

A few things to remember:

A properly fitted 5-point harness is always safer than a booster seat. The 5-point harness secures children so that they can be the most protected in a collision. Sometimes children maybe of legal age and weight to use a booster seat, but may not have the maturity to understand the responsibilities of sitting in a booster (ie. unbuckling belts, sitting with their back flush against the seat and staying in their seat the whole ride).

Don’t rush into a booster seat!