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Child Safety Blog | Tips on Child Safety
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Child Safety Blog

holiday baby proofing

Baby Proofing Your Home for the Holidays

The holiday season is a magical time of year, and when you've got a little one in your house, the season becomes even more meaningful. The joy and excitement are multiplied when you have the privilege of seeing everything through the eyes of a child. This is a time to build happy memories, so instead of worrying about your child's safety, or even worse, having to deal with an issue, spend some time baby proofing your house before the holiday season begins. Family traditions are extremely important, and for most families they involve decorating, and creating a festive atmosphere for holiday...

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Simple Guide To Child Proofing Your Home

Congratulations on your new child – a source of joy and delight for years to come! While builders and architects have begun to incorporate elder-friendly features into homes, few create fully child-safe houses. This is your project, proud parent. But it does not have to be painful or expensive. This guide will show you how. Full article on child proofing your home available at: Source: Blog...

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high chair safety

Child Safety Tips for Using High Chairs

High chair accidents usually occur when the child stands in the seat. Other ways children injure themselves in high chairs are by kicking it over when they push their feet against the table or other nearby furniture and by reaching for sharp or hot items on the table. They may also hurt themselves by pulling on the tablecloth. Common injuries that occur from high chair accidents include concussions, bruises, cuts, and neck injuries. Fortunately, it's easy to prevent high chair accidents when you implement the following guidelines for safely using high chairs: Use the Harness System That Comes with the High Chair Your...

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water safety

Pool Safety: Keeping Baby Safe Around the Pool

Infants frequently love pools which is why we need to be concerned about pool safety. They are really big bathtubs to splash in! And it is good to familiarize them with pools as a way of easing them into swimming and all its benefits such as the exercise, the chance for socialization, and the good clean fun that children can have from it. The problem is that infants can't swim; they lack hand-eye coordination and swimming technique. Then, too, there is all that slippery surface, made wet by dripping bodies and splashing children. Pools may look placid, but there is an...

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baby safety

Our Chief Safety Expert Talks Child Safety

So after many years of working with parents, new parents, expectant parents and grandparents I have decided to take a shot at posting my first blog.  What to write about was the biggest stumbling block.  Do I write about car seats, baby gates, injury prevention or the most popular name for a girl in 2016?  There are thousands of child safety topics to write about so how about we talk about children in general.  The best way to start would be to declare that every single child is different.  Some are big, some are small, some walk at 8 months...

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baby water safety

Ensure your Baby’s Safety this Summer by Following these 5 Tips

Summer is a fun-filled time for you and your baby; there are festivals, parks, BBQ’s, swim parties, and so much more. But are you prepared to ensure your baby’s health and safety this summer? Here are 5 tips on common summer time baby safety concerns and how to prevent them: Heat Stroke Prevention Heat stroke is a very serious condition that happens when a baby/person becomes overheated. Babies are more vulnerable to heat stroke so you need to be very aware of the way they behave when it is especially hot outside. Here are some of the common signs of heat stroke...

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baby safety

The Top 10 Baby Dangers All Moms Are Worried About, With Good Reason

Becoming a new parent is an exhilarating and terrifying prospect. Things worth doing require hard work, dedication and yes, courage. Parenting is like that, and believe us: you will survive. The experience is different for moms as the special bond that is created between mother and child creates a special kind of paranoia, perhaps at times irrational and in other instances, sage and instinctual. So mothers, let's face those top 10 baby dangers all moms are worried about head on. These concerns are very real and worthy of discussion, let's dive in. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:You've been hearing about SIDS, people have been mentioning it...

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baby proofing

Here’s Why Hiring a Certified Safety Expert to Baby Proof Your Home Is Good Parenting

The miracle has occurred. You are a parent now. You are learning that a more fortuitous happening could not be imagined in your lifetime. You are now responsible for the precious life of your baby, your flesh and blood. It's really quite amazing, glorious, and let's face it, daunting. With each day the 'to-do' list grows, and so does the complexity of your new reality. See, as new parents, one has to face a cold hard fact: your life will never be the same. Your life has changed, certainly for the better; and soon you'll fully understand why. But in the...

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door locks

Key to Keeping Children Inside at Night is Second Lock, Expert Says

An expert in child safety says the key to keeping young children from wandering outside is to get a second door lock and install it up high. David Drutz, owner of Toronto child safety store Kiddie Proofers, told CBC News that it doesn't matter how much parents spend on a second lock because any additional lock will provide more protection if it's out of reach of children. A three-year-old Toronto girl was found at a grocery store near her house at 2:20 a.m. on Monday. Police said she put on her rain boots, unlocked a door and walked to the store while...

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baby safety

How to Baby Proof Your Home

When you find out a baby’s coming into your home, everything looks different — that beautiful living room with its mahogany coffee table, floating staircase and low oak shelves is now an obstacle course of hazards for the 2-foot-tall creature who’s about to invade your space. David Drutz wants to help you make that room, and all the others in your home, safe. His store, Kiddie Proofers on Dufferin St. in North York, holds more than 800 products — from cabinet locks to stair gates — for 15 different childproofing areas. Drutz says a growing demand for baby-proofing has come with the rise...

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