The miracle has occurred. You are a parent now. You are learning that a more fortuitous happening could not be imagined in your lifetime. You are now responsible for the precious life of your baby, your flesh and blood. It’s really quite amazing, glorious, and let’s face it, daunting.

With each day the ‘to-do’ list grows, and so does the complexity of your new reality. See, as new parents, one has to face a cold hard fact: your life will never be the same. Your life has changed, certainly for the better; and soon you’ll fully understand why. But in the process of going through this new journey, there’s lots to worry about and attend to.

Case in point: Baby proofing. Babies do not move around a lot in the first months of infancy, but as they grow and become more mobile and independent you will have to be more cognizant of their surroundings. The life you lived before your baby arrived may be hazardous to an infant and with awareness and professional input you may remedy those areas that pose a threat to little ones. It’s hard to accept or see where we are in need of help, perhaps due to our inexperience with children or our overwhelming new lives, therefore it is imperative that we reach out for support and professional input.

Here’s why you should hire a certified safety expert to baby proof your home:

In Canada, current studies reveal that 69% of couple families with at least one child under 16 were dual-earner families, up from 36% in 1976. Among dual-earner families, almost three-quarters have two parents working full time. These are eye-opening statistics addressing our new global dynamic of mixed responsibilities between our work and family. We are a busy society! We cannot possibly be asked to be experts on everything.

Child safety concerns are all around you, here’s all the areas where a professional’s input can mean the difference between a good day and a regrettable bad day.

  • At Home: Every nook and cranny of your living quarters needs to be reviewed and reassessed. As your child grows, which will happen rapidly, the safety concerns will change. One day they won’t be able to open a bottle of cleaning agents, and someday they will.
  • In the yard: The great outdoors is filled with great concerns. This doesn’t mean life won’t be fun or carefree. That’s what baby proofing is all about: prevention.
  • Around water: In the tub, by the outdoor pool, and eventually lakes and oceans, children need to get acquainted with water for cleansing, and developmental and learning purposes. But, there is a lot of safety input that new parents will want to learn about before taking ‘the plunge.’
  • In the car: Starting with car seats, there is so much to learn about child proofing a car, lessons that you’ll need to review and update as your child grows. But car proofing starts the day you leave the hospital. Be sure to review our car seat page for more information.
  • Toy safety: Again, our little ones change daily, and so will their taste for the things that they play with. Child safety experts will provide keen input on toy safety facts that every parent needs to be aware of.

With the huge load of new parental concerns that encompass feeding, clothing, and interacting with our new addition, not to mention adjusting to new schedules, it is hard to be an expert on all the developmental phases our baby will go through. A certified child safety expert will have one job and one job only, which is to assess, study and review your personal situation and point out the changes that need to take place in your life to ensure a safe environment for your baby.

No matter how many blogs we read, how many websites we follow, or how many books we peruse during those five minutes that we have before we pass out after another long day; new parents, simple cannot know it all. Contact us to connect to a network of certified specialists who focus, study, and make child safety their main concern and career. We are here to extend a helping hand in the most important and rewarding new arena in your life.