While age, height, and weight requirements are currently being disputed countrywide in regards to car seat regulations, I am staying firm on my belief: children should stay in the appropriate car seat as long as possible. As a father of 3 girls, I question daily any parent who would disagree with this belief – though I am open to converse with those who do. Yet there are those of you out there that believe that your 4 year old should be in a booster because they meet the bare minimums for height and weight and more importantly it is so much easier for you to take your child in and out of the car. For me, safety is at the forefront of a child’s riding experience. Comfort, while important, comes second. As parents, we must take all necessary steps to ensure our child’s safety, and I believe it starts here. Let’s keep our children best armed for incidents for as long as we responsibly can. A child should stay rear facing for at least 2 years, they should stay in a forward facing seat until they outgrow it and then be in a high back booster until they properly fit in a vehicle’s seat. These are my opinions only yet consider the number of seats we have installed and the hundreds of accident replacements we have done, and you decide how safe is safe.

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