So after many years of working with parents, new parents, expectant parents and grandparents I have decided to take a shot at posting my first blog.  What to write about was the biggest stumbling block.  Do I write about car seats, baby gates, injury prevention or the most popular name for a girl in 2016?  There are thousands of child safety topics to write about so how about we talk about children in general.  The best way to start would be to declare that every single child is different.  Some are big, some are small, some walk at 8 months and some just start to crawl at 8 months. Some talk at 6 months some at 24 months. The shocking news, they all grow up, walk and talk before you know it.

The most interesting thing is that everyone has an opinion because they have read something or have been given advice from a friend, cousin, aunt, mother, etc. and you as a parent have to filter through the mounds of information being thrown at you.  What we would like to do is help you to make better decisions with facts and information about things that you find important to your child’s safety and health.

Did you know that keeping your child’s car seat rear facing longer is 532% safer than forward facing?  Did you know that lock on cabinets prevent 100,000’s of children from going to Emergency care facilities due to ingestion of dangerous items? Do you know that banister pickets being more than a fist width apart are dangerous?  There is so much information and we want to help.