For many young parents, pools have become no more than another red flag when ensuring the safety of their young ones. As a parent of 3, I would be lying if I said I didn’t share in this mentality until my youngest was at least 10 years old. That being said, my view on pools as a safety threat has lessened greatly as I began to inform myself of all of our, as parents and homeowners, options. All of which exist to allow for us as parents to enjoy our beautiful Toronto summers by the pool, while ensuring the safety of our little ones.

The reality is, pools can be very dangerous if we have not equipped ourselves and our property with the necessary tools to avoid incidents. As a child-safety expert, it is my opinion that the two most important tools we can acquire as individuals are CPR and lifeguard training. As pool owners and parents, it is of utmost importance that we as our children’s’ heros are truly qualified and able to save the day if a water related incident were to occur. Both forms of training are accessible city-wide in a variety of parent-friendly schedules and formats. At the end of the day, it’s not too often we let our kids skip their swimming lessons, maybe it is time we start showing up to ours?

The next step in creating a safe pool environment is implementing barriers. What do I mean by that? As parents of swimmers or non swimmers, it is imperative that pools are gated, according to city code, with a locking system unfamiliar to our young ones. While my three girls were growing up, our backyard was one of their favorite places to be together and to blow off steam after a long day in class. It was always important to me that this opportunity was still accessible to them despite our pool that took up the back half of the yard. Fencing our pool properly was the best thing me and my wife ever did for their own safety and our own ease as we let them play freely outdoors. A great solution that I have thus, chosen to provide to my community over the past X years is Baby Barrier – Easy, sleek, and most importantly Child-proof. Once locked, your pool will automatically be inaccessible to your non-swimmers, and your worries can be at bay.