Available in Black, Grey or Clear.
Softer, resilient, rubberized anti slip tape.
Engineered from a unique rubberized material that is comfortable enough for barefoot traffic yet tough enough to withstand boot, shoe, or cart traffic.
No Skidding? Resilient Anti Slip Tape is the solution to help prevent slips and falls on most commercial applications for both barefoot and shoe traffic as well as being mop friendly.
Suitable for step stools, golf carts, aquatic equipment, playground apparatus, power lawn mowers, entryways, stairs, hand rails, locker rooms, around hot tubs, exercise equipment and dozens more applications.
This rubberized, textured anti slip tape was designed for heavy shoe and cart traffic, yet is comfortable enough for bare feet.
Provides excellent slip resistance in many scenarios where customers want to help prevent their product from slipping on a hard floor surface.
Coated with an aggressive adhesive designed with industrial and commercial applications in mind.
Certified High Traction by NFSI.