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Cottage Safety Tips

Raising 3 girls in the beautiful and busy city of Toronto, there was no bigger luxury than escaping the craziness and spending a weekend [...]

10 Tips to Ensure a Safe Kitchen

For a toddler, there’s nothing more satisfying to their curiosity than a bunch of drawers to open and buttons to press. For this reason, [...]

Back to School Car Safety Tips

Always have your seat Inspected or Installed by a certified car seat technician One of the best things about living in the information age is [...]

5 Important In-Home Water Safety Tips

Being comfortable in your own home is obviously a good thing—that is, until you get a little too comfortable and let your guard down around these common [...]

Baby Safety Tips in Stormy Weather

As a new parent you will want to take baby safety precautions during stormy weather. Whether you're facing the storm inside or you have to [...]

Putting Baby to Sleep Safely

As you already know newborns are delicate little creatures. In fact, human newborns can do almost nothing for themselves. From eating to burping, these tiny [...]