Child Safety at its best

Child safety starts from the very beginning: knowing how to best arm your home for your little one(s). Here, at Kiddie Proofers, we truly believe a custom-fit solution is the safest solution, whether that be in regards to gates, guards, or locks; we provide quality protection without compromising your home’s aesthetic. Kiddie Proofers knows exactly what you need to get the job done, and our home consultants and installers work with years of experience and efficiency to do so. Get yourself on the right track, today, with an in-depth safety assessment done by our certified experts who have been trained to spot those hidden safety hazards.

We know exactly what you need to get your home covered. We get it done in no time. Popular child safety solutions:

  • Prevent staircase falls
  • Block off kitchen cabinets, toilets, garbage bins
  • Create a safe, enclosed area
  • Limit access to restricted areas

Need something specific for your home? We’ll make it happen. Get quality protection without compromising on your home’s aesthetic. Some of our custom options:

  • Indoor and outdoor baby gates
  • Balcony and staircase gates
  • Window guards
  • Securing and tethering
  • Cabinet and door locking
  • Bathroom and bedroom safety

Get yourself on the right track with an in-depth safety assessment. Our certified safety experts are trained to spot those hidden safety hazards. We highly recommend an assessment even if you don’t use our child proofing services. This includes:

  • A virtual or in-home safety assessment
  • Room-by-room scan to identify all potential safety risks
  • A comprehensive safety hazard report, including a list of recommended safety product

Please note: all in-home assessments are $75 + HST

Custom safety solutions to fit any home!

Looking for something specific?  We can make it happen.

Why Choose Us

  • Experience: Trusted for over 30 years, we’ve become an authority on baby proofing and child safety in the Greater Toronto Area

  • Knowledge: We are constantly updating and educating ourselves on the ever-changing laws, trends, and safety options available to parents

  • Home Consultation Process: Our trained consultants will, with you by their side, do a walk-through of your entire home to ensure all possible safety hazards are met with the best solution for your space

  • Certified technicians

  • Flexibility & Customization

What Do Our Clients Say

David was so knowledgeable and professional and I left there feeling a lot safer. I wish I would have gone there in the first place to get the job done right. I’ll 100% be going back to get all my child proofing needs!


If you need help baby proofing your home or installing a car seat I highly recommend Kiddie Proofers. They also have a wide selection of child safety products. I was really impressed with David’s safety knowledge and experience.

Tracy Franks McAllister