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Preparation List

– Remember the “Up/Down RuleTM” (breakable and dangerous items are to be moved up and out of the child’s reach and soft safe items can be moved down) & “6 Inch RuleTM” (at all times-everything must be kept at least 6 inches back from the edge of the counters, shelves and table tops)

– Consolidate hazardous items (cleaning products, plastic bags, sharp objects, batteries) into locked cabinets/cupboards/drawers

– Check usage and expiry dates of fire extinguishers as well as smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

– Note any heavy drawers full of pots and pans and how quickly they close

– Adjust crib height as the child develops
– Mount video cameras in a safe place, as well as covering all loose wires
– Replace high use outlet covers with safety outlet covers or double outlet covers,especially around the areas where your child plays
– Replace old spring door stops with one piece soft jamb doorstops or gluing the tips on
– Tether furniture that has shelves or drawers that are easily accessible for climbing (change tables, dressers, bookshelves)
– Install gates in the doorway once your toddler is in a convertible bed

– Secure interior doors & closets
– Tether mirrors and climbable furniture
– Lock cabinets, drawers and end tables to keep medications and other hazardous materials away from curious hands
– Install Toilet Lid-Loks to keep your children safe & dry because 65% of a child’s body weight is from the chest up! Also keep that lid closed tightly to keep toys and your keys out of there!

– Lock cupboards and drawers in any bathroom
– Consolidate medicines, razors, soaps, and any other cleaning or hazardous products and lock them up
– Bathtub safety – Spout covers, bath mats, and a range of anti-slip products (safety for ALL ages)
– Blind cleats for any loose drawstrings and chains near the tub

– Lock away any chemicals, detergents, pods, dryer sheets and other cleaning products with magnetic locks is essential
– Locking/securing your laundry room door (as well as other interior doors such as spare bedrooms, furnace/sump rooms, storage rooms, offices, gyms, etc.) is always a good option

– Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as fire extinguishers throughout the house for battery life and expiration
– Ensure your household contains an updated First Aid Kit
– Removable Finger Guards to prevent heavy doors injuring little fingers
– Foam edging for trouble areas such as fire place hearths, tables with hard edges, corners
– Fire place cages to keep little hands off of hot glass
– Have a fire plan for your family! Available on our website
– 2 and 3 story escape ladders
– Door and Patio Door Guardian to secure all exterior doors

Gates are important not only for tops of stairways, but bottom as well. As your child develops from a roller to a slow crawler into a speedster on two feet, make your home as safe as it can possibly be with gates on all stairways and play areas! We have a full range of solutions and styles of gates for all manner of unique homes and stairways that our Home Safety Experts will gladly answer any questions about. Don’t forget about your backyard! We use custom pressure treated wood mounts to ensure your deck is a safe zone, as well as your backyard should you have basement stairs also. Finally, we offer Baby Barrier pool fencing for any style of backyard to make certain that your children are safe around the pool, and that your yard will pass inspection. We offer:
– Custom gate solutions for drywall, plaster, brick, concrete, glass, wrought iron spindles, Newel posts, and more
– Many styles of gates, extensions, and post kits to keep your wooden posts looking like new!
– Custom plexi glass and banister guard solutions for your railings and stairs, as well as all the areas throughout your house that make you uncomfortable