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KidCo Warranty

Ensuring your child’s safety is our paramount concern at Kiddie Proofers. Our partnership with leading manufacturers like KidCo reflects our commitment to providing top-quality safety solutions. KidCo, a pioneer in metal safety gates in North America, offers an unmatched limited lifetime warranty on all its products, underscoring their dedication to durability and customer satisfaction.

Purchased KidCo products are backed by a lifetime warranty for the original retail buyer, covering defects in material or workmanship under normal use. Valid in the United States and Canada, the warranty necessitates proof of purchase and excludes batteries, wheels, and wear items, with strollers having a lifetime frame warranty.

For defective products, KidCo promises repair or replacement, highlighting their exclusivity in ensuring your child’s safety without the worry of additional costs. For detailed warranty claims, including necessary documentation and contact information, please visit the warranty guide on KidCo’s website.

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