Car Seats 101

Choosing and installing the right car seat is imperative for every new parent. It is our number one priority that our clients drive away feeling confident that your seat has been installed properly, and your little one is secure. Our certified car seat technicians will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need going forward to ensure your seat is always in right, and your child is properly protected. Here at KP we are committed to reducing preventable car injuries, which is we offer a number of services to keep you prepared such as inspections, adjustments, and installation tutorials. IF a collision were to occur, Kiddie Proofers aims to put the mind of worrisome parents at ease through our car seat collision response package, covered by most vehicle insurance plans.

  • Infant Car Seat Lesson (includes 1 infant seat base installation)
  • Convertible Car Seat Installation
  • Infant Car Seat Base (not for 1st time parents/booster installation)

Drive away feeling confident that your little one is secure. Our certified car seat safety experts equip you with all the tools you need. We offer:

  • Wide selection of high-quality infant carriers, car seats and booster seats
  • Tutorial on the proper usage and adjustment
  • Repeat customers will receive a discounted rate
  • Custom solutions and unique car seat configurations, including for children with special needs
  • In-store or at-home installation options

We’re committed to reducing preventable car injuries. That’s why we offer a number of services to keep you prepared, even if you don’t purchase Kiddie Proofers merchandise. Other services we offer:

  • Pre-natal infant carrier installation and tutorial
  • Car seat installation and tutorial
  • Inspection and minor readjustment

When unexpected accidents happen, remember that Kiddie Proofers has you covered. Take advantage of our (starting at) $60 Car Seat Collision Response Package, typically covered by your vehicle insurance plan.* Plan includes:

  • 24-hour priority booking
  • Crash seat disposal
  • Insurance documentation of crash seat disposal
  • Rental vehicle car seat installation
  • Secondary installation in your returned vehicle
  • Insurance documentation of car seat installation

Why should your child ride in a booster seat past the age of 8?

Still not convinced?  Check out these booster seat crash test failures.

Car seat installation is a serious matter…

Get the pros to do it right the first time!

Why Choose Us

  • Certified technicians

  • Included: lesson for YOU

  • Warranty

  • You are always welcome back for an adjustment/refresher!

  • Concierge

What Do Our Clients Say

Great experience getting our convertible car seat here. We pre-paid for a Clek Flo and came to pick it up. David took one look at us and said, “Absolutely not, you’re both tall and you won’t get any leg room in the front. You’re going with the Diono.” It was $50 cheaper, but he didn’t care. He said he couldn’t have us walk out of there, in good conscience, knowing it wouldn’t work for us. (I’m 5’10 and my husbands 6’5.)

Semhar Misghina

Dave was great at installing our car seats into our two vehicles. In addition, he provided us with excellent knowledge I. How to place our children into the car seats safely while ensuring the seat belts were properly secured. I highly recommended Kiddie Proofers.

Daniela Bozzi

David took the time to give me a full car seat refresher. They were extremely knowledgeable on the latest car seat safety information in general, as well as specifically for my brand of car seat.