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Our services are meant to be used in partnership with your parental supervision, to offer you comfort in knowing that you have been taken that extra step. To make sure your children, pets and elders will be as safe as possible within their environment.

Committed to Your Peace of Mind and Safety

Our Commitment to You

For over 35 years, Kiddie Proofers has been a pillar in the GTA for family safety, adhering to policies that prioritize our customers. Our practices include a 30-day return policy and a 6-month warranty on all installations, alongside a lifetime warranty for our gates through their manufacturers, ensuring your utmost satisfaction and safety.

With comprehensive safety assessments and meticulous installations, we prioritize your peace of mind. Emphasizing convenience, our policies feature straightforward refunds, clear warranties, and flexible scheduling, reflecting our dedication to your family’s security and happiness. Trust Kiddie Proofers for enduring safety solutions and a commitment that grows with your family.

Baby Barrier Warranty

Kiddie Proofers proudly offers Baby Barrier products, backed by a robust ten-year prorated warranty to the original purchaser, emphasizing our commitment to your family’s safety.

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Smart Retract Warranty

At Kiddie Proofers, we collaborate with trusted manufacturers like Smart Retract to bring you reliable child safety products. Smart Retract stands behind their quality with

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KidCo Warranty

Ensuring your child’s safety is our paramount concern at Kiddie Proofers. Our partnership with leading manufacturers like KidCo reflects our commitment to providing top-quality safety

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Building Safety Together

Brand Partners & Associations

Kiddie Proofers carefully selects esteemed safety brands and aligns with key safety associations to ensure solutions that uphold our strict standards for reliability and effectiveness, offering ultimate assurance and security.

See What We Can Do For You

Comprehensive Protection for
Every Family Member

Dedicated to all-around family safety, our services include expert baby-proofing, pet protections, senior safety measures, and more.

Pool Safety

Prioritizing safety, pool safety includes measures like proper fencing, attentive supervision, and the use of safety equipment to prevent accidents and ensure a secure swimming environment.

Learn About Pool Safety

Safety Gate Installations

Keep your little ones secure with our safety gate installation, designed to safeguard against falls and restricted areas, suitable for any home space.

Learn About Safety Gate Installations

Securing Furniture

Safeguard your home against furniture tipping accidents with our service, anchoring items securely to prevent injuries, ideal for families with young children.

Learn About Securing Furniture

Childproof Outlet Covers

Protect little ones with child-safe outlet guards, blocking access to power sockets while allowing adult ease of use, ensuring a secure and family-friendly home.

Learn About Childproof Outlet Covers

Childproof Fireplace

Enhance safety around fireplaces with our childproofing service, focusing on strong protective barriers and locks designed to keep little ones safe from harm.

Learn About Childproof Fireplace

Childproof Windows

Prevent falls and ensure child safety with secure window locks and guards, designed for easy adult use. Essential for families with young children.

Learn About Childproof Windows

Childproof Sliding Closet Doors

Keep sliding closet doors child-safe with locks that block young children’s entry, ensuring tidiness and safety, while remaining user-friendly for adults. Ideal for family homes.

Learn About Childproof Sliding Closet Doors

Childproof Light Switches

Prevents children from tampering with electrical switches, ensuring household safety, while allowing adults easy access—ideal for families seeking peace of mind.

Learn About Childproof Light Switches

Childproof Drawer Locks

Protect your child from accidents with our drawer locks, offering reliable security to keep drawers closed and hazards out of reach.

Learn About Childproof Drawer Locks

Childproof Corner Guards

Expert installation of cushioned corner guards, safeguarding children against sharp furniture edges for a worry-free home environment.

Learn About Childproof Corner Guards

Childproof Front Door Locks

Childproof exterior door locks enhance home safety by preventing unsupervised exits or entries by children, offering peace of mind and security for families.

Learn About Childproof Front Door Locks

Childproof Cabinet Locks

Childproof cabinet solutions prevent child access to dangerous items, with expert fitting of locks and latches for a safer home environment.

Learn About Childproof Cabinet Locks

Baby Car Seat Installations

Specializing in secure baby car seat installation, safety assessments, and educational support for parents, ensuring peace of mind on the road.

Learn About Baby Car Seat Installations

Gates with Pet Doors

Gates with pet doors in the baby proofing service category allow pets to move freely while keeping babies safe by restricting access to certain areas.



Learn About Gates with Pet Doors


Plexiglass is durable, transparent, and shatterproof, ideal for childproofing sharp corners, senior safety barriers, and secure pet enclosures. Easy to clean and install.

Learn About Plexiglass

Anti-Slip Floor Treatments

Enhances floor grip, reducing fall risks for the elderly, ensuring safer walking surfaces in homes and communal areas.

Learn About Anti-Slip Floor Treatments

Anti-Slip Bathtub and Shower Solutions

Our anti-slip solutions for bathtubs and showers include high-quality mats and treatments, designed to safeguard against slips and falls, ensuring bathroom safety for everyone.

Learn About Anti-Slip Bathtub and Shower Solutions

Anti-Slip Stair Treatments

Specialized anti-slip stair treatments for senior safety, reducing slip hazards with durable coatings to ensure secure mobility on stairs for the elderly.

Learn About Anti-Slip Stair Treatments

Furniture Placement & Removal

Transform senior spaces with our furniture placement and removal service, prioritizing safety, accessibility, and comfort for enhanced quality of life and independence.

Learn About Furniture Placement & Removal

Safety Gate for Stairs

Protect seniors with our stair safety gates, installed to minimize fall risks and enable safe, independent movement within their homes.

Learn About Safety Gate for Stairs


Plexiglass is durable, transparent, and shatterproof, ideal for childproofing sharp corners, senior safety barriers, and secure pet enclosures. Easy to clean and install.

Learn About Plexiglass

Pet Gates

Expert installation of adjustable pet gates ensuring safe, restricted pet movement within homes, balancing freedom and security seamlessly.

Learn About Pet Gates


Plexiglass is durable, transparent, and shatterproof, ideal for childproofing sharp corners, senior safety barriers, and secure pet enclosures. Easy to clean and install.

Learn About Plexiglass

Canada's Leading Child Safety Company

Home Safety Solutions Experience

With over 35 years of expertise in the Greater Toronto Area, our record highlights our dedication to safeguarding homes for children, pets, and seniors, offering well-being and confidence through customized safety solutions.

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What Makes Our Baby Proofing Services Better?

Why Kiddie Proofers?

We offer unparalleled safety solutions, including personalized assessments and robust warranties, ensuring your family’s protection. 

Decades of

With over 35 years in GTA, we offer expert solutions tailored for children, pets, and seniors, ensuring peace of mind for your family's safety.

Comprehensive Safety Solutions

From baby car seat installation to senior safety enhancements, we deliver tailored solutions to ensure every corner of your home is safe for all family members.


Kiddie Proofers excels in personalized care, providing free home safety assessments tailored to meet your unique safety needs at your convenience.

Quality &

We extend a 6-month warranty on all installations and lifetime warranties on safety gates through their manufacturers, showcasing our trust in our quality.

How Our Team Will Work With You

Our Home Safety Planning Process

Discover our client-centric safety evaluation, crafted to address your family’s unique needs. With comprehensive assessments and tailored solutions, we prioritize your peace of mind across the GTA.


Schedule a free virtual home safety assessment at your convenience, where our experts will evaluate your home's safety needs.


Receive solutions tailored to address safety concerns for your family, including childproofing, pet safety, and senior safety.


Our experienced technicians will professionally install safety equipment and implement solutions to ensure maximum protection.


We are there for you. You’re protected with a 6-month warranty on installations and a lifetime warranty on gates through their manufacturers.

Trusted by Happy Families

See What Our Clients Say

Explore testimonials from satisfied families who have entrusted their home safety to us.

Laura Walker Icon
Laura Walker
I was so impressed with this company. They were incredibly thorough and walked me through everything regarding baby-proofing our home. Chris was outstanding and was incredibly professional, neat, and reliable. He did an excellent job installing everything and he walked us through how to use all the locks and gates. He even made suggestions about how to optimize certain rooms for the baby's safety. I would recommend this company to anyone! Chris was fantastic!
Google Icon
Posted on
Tanya Falcone Icon
Tanya Falcone
Kiddie proofers provided great customer service, quick response , quick install. They did a great job installing the gates, very sturdy and look clean and nice for baby gates! The process was easy and I now have peace of mind in my home. Thank you!
Google Icon
Posted on
Patty Icon
A very professional company that actually returns your calls and emails!! AND shows up on time AND gets the job done. This was the second time I have used them to install baby gates and if I ever need more they're the only ones I would call. 🙂
Google Icon
Posted on
Craig Proctor Icon
Craig Proctor
Did a great Job, gates look awesome.
Google Icon
Posted on
Alusha Domanska Icon
Alusha Domanska
Kiddie Proofers did a great job installing 3 gates in my house. It was an easy consultation process and even easier and quick install. Chris did an awesome job! Thank you so much!
Google Icon
Posted on
Jordana Boro Icon
Jordana Boro
We just had Kiddie Proofers in our home to make it safe for our baby! Samantha was wonderful to work with - she was accommodating, knowledgable and understanding of our needs. The installation itself, with Chris was seamless. Our gates look great and were perfectly fitted for our space. Thank you Kiddie Proofers!!
Google Icon
Posted on
Nikki Spademan Icon
Nikki Spademan
Though I have not installed my gates yet, Kiddie Proofers has been an absolute dream to work with. Samantha was suuuper helpful in arranging everything we needed and maintained contact throughout the waiting process. I have no doubts the gate will look wonderful. Also to mention, the owner was extremely accommodating for us, as we live out of town she was flexible in meeting with us on a Saturday (despite being closed). Based on my experience so far, I would highly recommend working with kiddie proofers.
Google Icon
Posted on
Laura Salvatori Icon
Laura Salvatori
Samatha is a pro. Don't waste your time going anywhere else, go straight to Kiddie Proofers. Highly reccomend if you are looking for proofing that will maintain a beautiful aesthetic in your home. Chris, our installer, was a real pleasure and also a pro. He was amazing and took great care. Thank you!
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